Most rare and Expensive Dog Breeds in the world

As human beings we realized that dogs are man’s best friends a long time ago.

However, when the focus of the conversation shifts on the fact that some people are willing to spend considerable amounts of money in order to own a dog opinions will all of a sudden get really polarized between two different thesis.

In fact, for some of us the sole idea of buying a dog sounds horrible: why should you do that, when thousands of dogs stands desperate and alone in some shelter, just waiting for someone to take care of them for free?

While all of that sounds resonable, in a time where image and status are more important than ever it is understandable that more and more people don’t want just to “own” a dog, but to choose a specific one, better if expensive because this means that people around you will most likely not be able to show up with a similar one anytime soon.

But which are the most expensive dog breeds that one could ask for? Between them there is for sure the Chow Chow, a dog coming from China which has a really iconic look and women just love because of its fluffiness. An expensive one, since in order to own one you have to be willing to spend no less than 3.000 dollars.

Another dog breed coming from the East is the Akita Inu, a really beautiful dog that you surely have seen around even if you are not an expert around this topic. It is no surprise that the Akita is one of the most popular dog breeds around, but you will need at least 3.500 dollars to have one by your side.

Not moving from that part of the globe, China made headlines recently because one dog was allegedly sold for the incredible amount of 2 million dollars – yes, it is not a typo – even if usually to own a tibetan mastiff you don’t need that kind of money. However, this is not a cheap dog breed, as you may imagine already.

In fact, to own one of these huge dogs you will need around 6.000 dollars and a lot of free room in your backyard.

But we already know what you are wondering at this point: if these are some of the most expensive dogs that one can buy, which is the most expensive of it all?

While it’s hard to give the definitve answer, since it will depend on a range of different factors, a good candidate it is certainly the Löwchens, a dog breed which was really popular during the Renaissance between noble families, and that almost got extinct.

Because of this reason it is really rare, and thus expensive: if you still want to own one, be willing to write a check up to five figures, because you may need 10.000 dollars in order to do so.

Is that madness? Quite possible, but in all honesty who are us to judge? The market has spoken, and those were the tag prices…

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